Not to my knowledge. I got mine from a guy who turned his Hadar into a "real Galil!" He turned an exotic variant into something indistinguishable from the zillion other .308 Galils out there... his loss, my gain.

"Hey, we'll take this BOSS 429 Mustang, throw away that weird motor, four speed, and the wing, repaint it, and it'll be close enough to a real two barrel 302 Mustang with an automatic..."

Your best bet is to find a stock from Richard's or Boyd's, make sure it's wide enough to take an AK receiver, and start hogging it out. Some Mauser actions are almost 1-1/2" wide, which means there's plenty of room for a 1-1/4" AK action. "Hunting" stocks are thinner and taper; you want a "target" stock that's fatter around the receiver. You can always remove unwanted wood.