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Thread: using a mauser barrell for a poormans m76

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bolt2bounce View Post
    The M13 mags are not rare and they do have the German chicken stamped on them, and they have been used/converted in the Hakeem for years.. I have 4 I converted.. looks like a fun project, 8mm is a good round..

    I have four of these mags modified for my G-43, similar modification for bren mags in my #4 enfield

    8mm is a good round less pressure than 308 and great deer round plus easy to reload

    great project great contributions by all

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2ndAmendican View Post
    Is the MG-13 mags what ssault Weapons of Ohio was/is selling for $100.00 each?? It's a 20 rounder, modded to fit the M76. I almost bought one, but I couldn't bring myself to spend that much on ONE mag.
    Yea Chris-at that price-its just cheaper to buy the m76 mags

    I gotta say thanks for everybodys input
    I'm going to keep my eyes open for parts I'm going to need and depending on what i find at reasonable prices is what will dictate what direction I go
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    Well, anyone can modify a mag. Question is do you want to pay someone else to modify it for you
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