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Thread: 7.65x53 mauser AK

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    Default 7.65x53 mauser AK

    I have a bbl in 7.65x53-Argentine,Belgien etc. Large ring mauser. Anyone forsee any problems w/ using it on an Ak in the original caliber?
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    Anyone forsee any problems w/ using it on an Ak in the original caliber?
    Do you mean the 7.65 caliber? I'd build it on an PSL/Romak3 kit, because I don't know how well (or long) a standard AK will hold up to a full sized rifle caliber.
    But I have'nt done a conversion like this so someone with more experience should give their opinion.
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    like i said in the other thread. pricy ammo longer than a 308 will make mage selection harder, good round just no following. I have a couple 1919 argentines and I bought froming dies to convert 30-06 brass. if you got to reload just do a 308 and load light or better yet a 300 savage.

    it would be a cool build from the hey look what I have.

    i havent looked for ammo in that for a few years is there any that is afforadable??

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    [reposted from the General Discussion thread]

    The Voices tried to tell me to do that a year or two ago. I'm glad they've moved off to annoy you now.

    I load and shoot 7.65 for my '91 Argie. I use .311 ".303 Enfield" bullets, same as 7.62x54R, 7.62x39, and 7.7 Japanese.

    Just for reference, the 7.65 ammunition will just barely fit in an M-14 or G3 magazine when loaded at maximum OAL.

    I see no reason why you couldn't use the methods described in one of the .308 builds and make an AK in 7.65x53.

    All of my 7.65 brass is cut down from .30-06. It's no big deal. I have an expensive RCBS die that is hard so you can form, hacksaw, and file without harming the die, but you can just a regular sizing die and a case trimmer.

    With the increased popularity of the 54R .311 bullets are easier to get than they used to be, but since so many of my rifles are .311 now I'm looking at a C4HD "bump die" that expands a cheap .308 bullet up to .311. Half a dozen boxes of bullets and I'd be money ahead.

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