Leaglities of Suomi builds and other tube sub guns
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Thread: Leaglities of Suomi builds and other tube sub guns

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    Question Leaglities of Suomi builds and other tube sub guns

    Okay fellow Gunconians....

    I got a Suomi build started as far as parts go. I got a new 80% tube from Prexis.

    I'm going to have my bolt turned down to fit the new tube per BATFE rules and the bolt will be made into a semi only. Taking the fixed firing pin out, cutting the lower lip off the bolt face and all that good stuff.

    Here is what bothers me..... I keep reading confusing things on these that say just the possesion of this kit could be grounds for owning an unregistered NFA weapon? How? Why? The kit is torch cut and there is no way really to put it back. My bolt will not fit the new tube until modified. Then I read somewhere else that these kit cannot be built into working firearms.

    This has me concerned? If I make one of these with a 16 inch barrel semi-auto only how does it differ from any other 9mm carbine?

    This stuff is confsuing.

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    You might want to check if we have any lawyers in our gungo members list. All it takes is one missed crossed t or a missed dot on an i and your toast. For example if you own an AK and you have one small part known as an auto sear you can be prosecuted on the grounds of "constructive purposes" and get a bizzilion year in the federal hilton.
    The alphabets believe that you'll build a machinegun. Since there are more of us then them they play a game of eny meany miny moe point the finger at you and crucify you to make you the poster boy of what happens to sheeple who don't listen to big brother and obey what he says. Have you ever heard of "Small arms review" They have a legal articles by Mark Barns. He is the"man in the know" with all of the twisted alphabet laws that fed gov and its minions have made that concern gunco people like us. He can be reached at this e-mail MarkB17@aol.com . good luck Sang and God speed.


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    Indeed there is a lot of conflicting information on the possession, building and semi-conversion of these and other tube based subguns.
    Some are probably confusing the possession of the kit + a 80% original spec (aka: Full Auto) tube with having the kit and the 80% semi tube (smaller I.D.) as the latter is not a MG.
    An original I.D. tube + kit IS considered an MG by the ATF.

    As for the legality of the semi build itself, this item is no different than any other firearm that we build from FA kits. You must follow (pretty much to the letter) the ATF approved method, if one exists. An approved method is one in which someone before you has built and submitted to the ATF for approval (completed firearm) Once that method of semi conversion is approved by the ATF in writing, it is assumed safe to build yours following the approved example. Or so says the ATF that it is OK.
    So, make sure the prexis conversion has the ATF blessing (they should have a letter for you to view/copy).
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    The main thing to remember is to convert the bolt to semi config BEFORE you turn down the diameter.

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    i think it's tube + prints/template + kit that causes trouble......they also have to prove intent i believe..

    i personally would not touch a tube gun with a 10 foot pole....

    really kinda funny. based on that philosophy, every dirt farmer in america is guilty of possessing b*mb making materials....

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