where do i find a reciever?
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Thread: where do i find a reciever?

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    Default where do i find a reciever?

    whats up guys new to gunco. i was wanting to know where i can find suomi recievers and how much? i'm getting ready to build another ak and can get a kit for 20.00 at centerfire. would it be worth the effort? thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cephus
    Try this place

    I know they are good to deal with !!!
    Prexis Sten is out of commission right now as his daughter was killed in a crash last week. He does not want to be bothered for a while. You will need a lot more than a 80% reciever. There is a fair amount of tricky welding to do. You will need the front filer section from the kit and many of them are cut beyond use. The bolt needs extensive machining and the firing pin re-worked. also the barrel is too short to be legal and needs extending. once you have accomplished all of that, you still need a fire control group which is 922r compliant and to my knowledge no one has come up with a workable plan for that yet. Are you starting to see why they are only $20.00? It's still worth picking up as someday a conversion will be accomplished but it will be awhile. also many of the kits have the cocking handle and spring cut and there is no source for replacements. the recent kits being sold seem to have a better chance of fewer ruined parts. At this point they are little more than cool paperweights or parts for experimenting.

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