Yugo m56 barrel removal
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Thread: Yugo m56 barrel removal

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    Question Yugo m56 barrel removal

    does anyone have an approach to getting the thin lock washer that is pressed into the front trunnion and the barrel lock nut out. I was thinking about drilling into each side with the smallest drill bit I can find. the only on-line source that I have seen suggests pressing it out but there is no way that I can see to get behind it or grab it. Any thoughts are appreciated.....

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    The only person I know that takes out the M-56 barrels is Tommerr. He says that you need to take a very small screwdriver or chisel and bend the washer out straight. Then unscrew the nut on the front and the barrel comes out to the REAR.

    The front sight and bayonet lug have to come off and the pins are a bitch!
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