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Thread: PPSH-41 Semi Build

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    Looks like it would be cheaper just to buy a ready built SA.I see they go for $6-700.

    With the parts kit,semi bolt,receiver,and compliance parts;doesnt look like you are going to save much.

    Tell me I'm wrong!-I'd love to have one of those guns too! Just bought a CZ-52 on Gunbroker for $135.,and it has new rollers,new steel firing pin,Wolf spring,and a Hogue slip on grip rubber(?)-HOT little round!!!!!!

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    AA is running around $850 for theirs
    WLA is still having delivery issues
    MGS is also from WLA and price is going up along with the delivery issues..

    IO's never worked worth a crap unless you rebuilt it like Rocco did, and if you gotta do that you may as well just build it to start with like him, nitegunner, sherman and me have all done.

    ive built the WLA version from kits in the early striker fired and AA version in hammer fired and played with a IO hammer fired.....

    none of these even come close in function to the Sherman conversion set up.

    but Rocco is right: IT AINT CHEAP!! and Shermans health is not real good right now so it takes a while for the turn around.

    rest assured this gun is well worth the wait if your gonna shoot it alot. if you are mainly just gonna look at it, it doesnt really matter go cheaper.

    mine has a few THOUSAND rounds thru it now and has never FTF,FTE or FTFD in the Sherman set up.
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