Convering an SKS to other calibers?
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Thread: Convering an SKS to other calibers?

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    Default Convering an SKS to other calibers?

    Has anyone ever converted an sks to annother caliber? I've seen it mentioned alot, but its all too often just discussions started by people without the experience or knowledge to carry it out. (I am probably one of those people but wanted to ask anyway) I was wondering if maybe a chinese sks with the pinned barrel could have the barrel removed and replaced. I was thinking of a 7.62x25mm conversion, originaly considered the AK, but I wanted the end result to have the look and shape of a ppsh-41,
    and w/o the long gas tube, an sks seems like a better match. I imgaine tapping the gas very close to the chamber w/ a larger hole, shortening the piston drasticaly, reducing the recoil spring length and maybe lightening the carrier a bit. I considered blowback, the the bolt lockup seems to prevent the possiblity of welding the bolt to the carrier.

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    I may be wrong, but I think buying a PPSH parts kit and modifying it accordingly would be the way to go here. It would be a lot easier to achieve your end result using the factory PPSH blow-back operation, than to convert an SKS style gas operating system to look similar. guns: Polish PPSH-41 SMG Parts Kit (item: 95932276 ends: Apr-03-08 01:27:33 PM)

    Not that an SKS conversion couldnt be done, but It could be done more economically fitting and less labor intensive to use an existing kit.

    And to answer the question whether or not the SKS can be converted to other calibers, the answer is yes. The response in question form is, how much work do you want to do?

    If you are willing to fabricate parts, and experiment a bit, it can all be done.

    Hope I was some help.

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