pland for a mac 10 folding stock
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Thread: pland for a mac 10 folding stock

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    Default pland for a mac 10 folding stock

    the prices are way out of line for this part. so i wanted to build my own anyone have a blue print or a set of plans? or if anyone has one they can take pictures of and provide me dimensions?


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    Hello cldumo,
    Why not adapt an Uzi folder which is a better stock and readilly available these days ie cheap ??


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    The factory MAC stock is a wire slider, not a folder. Well, the "buttplate" folds, but mainly it's just bent wire with notches in it. You should be able to replicate one from photos and a careful measuremnt of your gun.

    While the UZI stock would work, I think the angle would be weird. The folder off the VZ58 seems like a good candidate though, straight mount and very sturdy.

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