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Thread: To build or not to build S/A Tommy

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    One of if not the favorite build of mine is my M1928 Thompson. I bought the kit several years ago to try to build it as a SA. Not knowing Dutigaf had layed the ground work already, I went to the interweb and checked with the "experts". "Not possible, dont even try it, youre stupid for asking" was the general concensus from the "experts". So a sparkle of an idea started in my head on how to do it. I had it worked out in my mind, sorta, when I found Dutigafs build. He had only done the first one, but it was solid. Turns out his ideas were very simular to mine, and there it was,built and working. So using his build as a tutorial I jumped in with both feet. Wasnt simple, but it was very doable, even without a machine shop. Thanks, Duti, you da man! And to all the nay-sayers, nanna nanna boo boo!
    Clan MacPherson

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    thanks bro!

    guys like you are why my design is "free to use"!

    sure wish you were coming to the creek this year... but will see you again next time!

    Hate takes LESS energy & thought... Dont be so Lazy.

    Building or Bitching? which are you here to do?

    YES, i work for TEC Tactical. 02/07 SOT

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