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Thread: Fuel/Energy alternatives.

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    Interesting discussion but it is from yesterday's newspaper.
    More recently Italian scientists have developed a very promising Nickel-hydrogen LENR process, ie a low energy nuclear (heat) reaction. There is lots of nickel and hydrogen to be had on Earth, fortunately. The process appears to be rather cost effective too. Good trend !!! Thankyou Dr Rossi (I also like your booze and machinery !!!).

    ZPE energy like electro-gravitic propulsion are the exclusive domain of the few and super powerful cabalas. It will require a major hemorage of truth for this stuff to reach the public. sad to say. We have seen what happens from the minor wikileaks revelations. No good deed goes unpunished in this lunatic world.

    Merry Christmas All !!!

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    The world needs to stop over relying on fossil fuels altogether, because the impending and obvious matter is what to do when the resources run out? apart from the main effect being climatic change, it's also responsible for decreasing the size of the Ozone layer which helps to prevent too much UV radiation from infiltrating the Earth.

    Which will result in the warming of the Earth but more essentially the melting of the polar ice caps, resulting in a rise in sea level in some cases up to 5m. Enough to flood low lying regions such as Bangladesh as a prime example. SO2 + NOX (Sulphur Dioxide + Nitrogen Oxides) combine to form Acid Rain, increasing the acidity or PH levels in lakes which kills off amphibious wildlife aswell as vegetation. Acid Rain is also resposible for the corrosion of underground pipes or in some cases contamination, which seeps its way into the water supply eventually arriving in folks homes.

    Overall fossil fuels are doing mankind more harm than good. On another note some selfish, corrupt companies wish to extract minerals near a small village by building a Quarry which will actually harm the lives of nearby occupants, nasty considering one of them is a friend. Rather than rant on, more concerning that here

    Might aswell stick this here while i'm at it. I agree with your opinions concerning a possible new Ice Age Drakan over on Posty. If it happens, why give a damn we'll have no control over mother nature anyhow. Although us humans can prevent or minimize the effects of such a theory by seeking alternate fuels being the basis of this topic.

    And yes, their are plenty of other things which will eventually kill us off. Bah the World's too corrupt to do the right thing, the damage is too exceptional to reverse now. Truly this world isn't good enough for us, sorry for the pessimistic attitude.

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