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Thread: canned butter and cheese

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    Quote Originally Posted by sniper69 View Post

    Awww, ya gave it away!

    Taste tempting squirrel stew made with dried squirrel meat.

    Welcome to the 21st century, things are going to be very different.

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    I found some old Rations (1963) and did not eat the "tinned dog" as well, i doubt a 35 year old meat anything, but ate the cheese the chocolate and tinned pairs with no ill effects.

    I have aboridginal friends who put down powdered dryed emu jerky for years, no science there, lots of mineral salts though. but it tastes great, compared with some of there "storge foods" and a couple pounds of that will last them a month or so in hard times.

    I've been told it can last 20 years but cant say for sure.



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    I know this is an old thread but the canned cheese and butter is good stuff. We had the Kiwi "Red Feather" brand when I worked in north Myanmar with a few Canucks, Aussies and Kiwis. Supposedly the stuff has an almost indefinite shelf life under the right conditions. I added a few cases along with my Mountain House freeze-dried and other canned goods tomy storage. We also had an instant coffee in Myanmar that was outrageously good but I can't remember what it was called and I never saw it again after returning to the states.

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