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Thread: Getting Water From a Drilled Well Without Power (electric, that is)

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    A vacuum can only pull water up around 28-30 feet. The vacuum is not actually "pulling" anything up, ambient air pressure is shoving the water up the pipe because the pressure in the pipe/tank is less than the air pressure outside. At some point, the water quits rising and any more vacuum just makes the water boil.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yarro View Post
    It was major suckage and he has since bought a 3500 gallon water tank and installed a solar power pump to fill it and pumps out of it instaed of directly from the well.

    I think this may be the best answer for my deep well. A water tank which is kept filled from the well and water drawn on demand from the tank for every day use and the tank refilled. When there is a power failure there would be water on hand for emergency use.

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