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    Default Home Sweet Home - Luxury For The Ultimate Survivalist

    The World's Only Missile Silo Luxury Home with Runway
    For Sale Now.

    (click to enlarge)
    We took the end result of $18 million in government wasted spending (1958 dollars) and turned it into a rare and unique private airport getaway . . . one that will also serve as a survival shelter in the event of nuclear or germ warfare. Enjoy the privacy of an exclusive, luxurious mountain home which includes many acres of the most beautiful land New York State has to offer. The complex, accessible via it's own private paved airstrip, offers the optimum level of security available today.
    Saranac, NY - Back in the late 1950's and early 1960's when the Cold War was hot, the U.S. government built hundreds of Atlas-F missile silos (for 18 Million each in 1961) to prepare the country for an attack that never came. Today, most of these silos lie abandoned and filled with water, monuments to governments wastefulness and a bygone era. But now, thanks to two entrepreneurial cousins, Bruce Francisco and Gregory Gibbons, one of these silos located in beautiful Adirondack State Park near Lake Placid is finding new life as a $2.3 million luxury home with its own private airport.

    Surely one of the most unique real estate properties you could own, the missile silo home sits on 105 acres of manicured grounds, forest and trails. Above ground, it features a hangar and spacious open living room and fireplace with wrap around porch. Below ground, and accessible via stairs from above ground home in what was once the launch control center, now is a two level, 3 bedroom 2-1/2 bath with open living area and kitchen adjoined by a spiral staircase. Huge doors open to a large tunnel that accesses the silo with an additional 20,000 square feet of useable space with unlimited possibilities. The perfect getaway home, it has its own direct runway access, its climate controlled and is capable of withstanding a nuclear hit.

    Twentieth Century Castles Box 4
    Dover, KS 66420

    Project Specfications

    Exclusive airport subdivision nestled in upstate NY'S Adirondack State Park.

    FAA/DOT approved private paved runway 20 acres of manicured ground, forest and trails (with additional 85 acres available), privacy, security and low taxes. Year-round activities.

    (above ground)
    2000 sf home with open floor plan, large garage, kitchen, open pit fireplace and wrap around covered porch. Surface home acting as entrance to 20,000 plus sf secure underground facility.

    Contemporary finished interior 2 story structure, 40' diameter containing 2300 sf 3 bedroom, 2 bath luxury home.

    Silo climate constant/approx. 58 degree earth ambient temperature. 52' diameter x 178' deep / 9 floor steel superstructure. Entire steel superstructure hangs from gigantic spring suspension system designed to absorb shock of a direct nuclear hit. Unlimited possibilities!

    New well / 200 amp electrical service / phone / original 1800 gallon functional septic. Contemporary fiber optic effect lighting along with natural sunlight rendition back lighting. High circulation venting (two 18" vent tubes), specifically designed to handle the demands of everyday living as well as those that may be posed in a crisis situation. (i.e. a nuclear or biochemical attack).

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    If it were only not in New York... otherwise, what a bargain!

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    We used to sneak into abandoned missile sites in South Dakota (Nike, I think?). These had a central command center, originally equipped for up to six crew (three on and three off-duty), with generators and massive battery power backup. They were easy to spot, you could see a power line coming into a vast pasture and simply stopping in the middle of "nowhere."

    The central command center had bunks, kitchen and command post and three (sometimes more) tunnels leading to missile silos. The silos were, IIRC, about 150 feet deep and (guessing) 60 feet across the diameter, with spiral staircasing leading from top to bottom. Many were dry or nearly so all the way to the bottom. The command centers were about half as deep as the silos. I've forgotten what megaton-sized direct hit they were designed to take.
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    Standing your ground at home is the way to go. Especially in a setup like this one. Leaving behind MOST of the weapons, ammo and, two of the vehicles would be a pretty hard choice to make. In the big city where I am, it would be futile to run. I would have to stay and fight it out. Not really a choice for me.
    M U S I B I K E

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    Quote Originally Posted by MUSIBIKE View Post
    Standing your ground at home is the way to go. Especially in a setup like this one. Leaving behind MOST of the weapons, ammo and, two of the vehicles would be a pretty hard choice to make. In the big city where I am, it would be futile to run. I would have to stay and fight it out. Not really a choice for me.
    I live in the northeast and gun owners are far fewer than in the south & elsewhere. Unless there is a glowing crater nearby or free blowing bio agents I am not going anywhere. I'd have to figure that there would be a higher probability of many bugging out taking a firearm weapon with them too. So in addition to being away from your home you'll be with a homeless armed mob. No thanks, I'll start my feudal empire in the territory I know.

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    1958? How's the asbestos?

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