Anybody used these radios? Saw some at Dunhams the other day, around $90 for two with accessories.

TriSquare - TSX300 - 10 BILLION Channel Digital 2-way Radio - 900MHz long range - eXRS (TM)

If you can believe the ad copy, they use a frquency hopping scheme to transmit voice and data digitally. Radios set up to talk to each other are matched with identical hopping patterns that switch freqs 10 times a second among 50 frequencies. You have around 10 BILLION possible combos so it's like having 10 billion channels to choose from. Runs in the 900 mhz range, supposed to have comparable range to the FRS/GMRS radios out there. Voice or text messages can be sent. You can set up group channels where everybody on your net hears the traffic, or private channels can be used for talking directly to a particular unit. Proprietary stuff so far, so unless you have one of their radios no eavesdropping. I'm sure the FCC can monitor you, but the guy down the street with a scanner won't even know you're talking. In theory 100,000 simultaneous users can be in range of one another without causing interference.

Looks like the ideal SHTF radio for short range use. Privacy virtually assured, silent useage with text messages, range about the same as other common radios.