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    Thursday, I found several "expired" Ritter Sport Chocolate bars, while looking through the trash at work. The expiration date listed 12-2005, I figured, what's the worst that could happen, a bit of a stomach ache, maybe a BM with a vengeance, I've had worse. Well, I ate a whole bar and it was delicious! 24 hours later, no angry stomach, think I may throw a couple of the other bars in the pantry for a few more years.

    Moral of the story... throw a few chocolate bars in with your long term supplies, nothing would cheer me up more than having a yummy snack on the shitty day that I would be getting into the supplies.

    Plus if it does happen to go bad, chocolate is good for polishing mirrors...
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    Does not sound as dangerous as drinking heavily all night.
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    I hava called 2 tifferant chocolate companies and asked if they were ok when they turned white. I was told it was oxidation and it was not a problem at all!!!
    I did not ask about out of date because many companies will say toss it no matter what!! clearly when it has turned white it usualy is past their date.
    ANSWER to oxidation, NITROGEN pack them if you are going to store some.
    MY BEST GUESS and yes this is just a guess from what I have read is this. chocolate will be fine after a long time. first off it is dry! I see the fats starting to break down over extended time. keep them out of the light. the sugar is prety stable.. not certain what else would go wrong.

    I store everything in mylar bags they realy keep out everything.
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    I would think many people would overlook putting chocolate in there emergency/SHTF food stash.It is a high energy food and should keep if stored right.I used to go thru Dads stored C & K rations when I was a kid for those Coco bars.
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