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Thread: Husqvarna 55 Chainsaw Rebuild

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    Quote Originally Posted by Winn R View Post
    The bearing on the clutch seemed to be shot so the clutch was pulled. Left hand threads. Screw or wedge a piece through the spark pug hole to stop the piston. It turned out to just be gunked up -- cleaned it and reinstalled.

    Got the 45mm piston ring and put it on the original piston. Cleaned up and opened the exhaust port of the original cylinder and reinstalled, because the metal to metal fit was very good, without the gasket. This has the effect of saving the heads about 15- 20 thousands.

    Cranked it, it runs great. Let it warm up then set the carb. Idle speed to where the chain just moves then low speed mix half between max speed lean and missing from rich.
    Then idle speed to where the chain doesn't move.

    High speed mix would not go rich enough. had to cut the limiting tabs off.

    Wow -- this is a great saw now. And Ak's are not my only problem.

    i hear ya. i did the 460 jug conversion to my old 044 sthil. this required a little machine work to the jug. otherwise it was nearly a bolt on conversion.

    man do this thing run now!

    now i am itching to do an 83cc conversion to my newer ms440!!

    my wife had to hide the dremmels!!--LOL!

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    Are those Husqy's 922r compliant?

    Great job, and yes, a man can't have too many chainsaws or firearms!
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    Steve -- you're right. It's like what they say about rich and skinny! and it is nice not to be concerned that I've forgotten and put an original hammer back in.

    For the most part they're an inside in the winter thing. The basement storage room gets a table covered in my old architectural drawings. And one of the best gifts for your wife is a new dishwasher -- a little creative wiring and plumbing and you've got a cosmoline and crud cleaner out of the old one!!

    j427x -- I want to do a 066 pop-up in a 288. My land was last cleared by Sherman as a warm up for Atlanta. There's some big stuff here.
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