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    Some years ago a friend lived in a part of Memphis where they had an extended power outage. Something like 10 days. It wasn't cold enough for the pipes to freeze, but they had an all-electric apartment and had no light or way to cook anything.

    They drove 150 miles to here, borrowed our Coleman stove, Coleman lantern, and a Mr. Heater propane heater head, stopped at a K-Mart on the way out for fuel, and were able to live a bit better until the power came back on.

    We have gas heat here - "space heaters" that the insurance company hates, but they don't require any electricity. Neither does our old pilot-light type water heater. We've been in the dark a few times, but at least we were warm...

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    That's a good point! The year before I moved to VA they had hurricane Isabel wipe things out for about 10 days, same as your friend. I was told that natural gas was OK where the other utilities weren't. This was when I was looking for a whole-house multi-fuel backup generator. The idea being that if I ran out of diesel I could still power it via natural gas.
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    Well, IKE helped us here in Houston beat you by one day. Our electric was out 11 days. The SOLAR PANEL array on the roof kept us in light and, juice to run 12V operated radios, TV and, fans. Solar power is a worth while investment.
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