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    Survival Dentistry

    How do you confront dentistry when there is no dentist? This is an interesting question as I had a tooth go bad (infected nerve) when I was working in the jungles of north Myanmar. It was a molar and it was somewhat painful although I did have some benzocaine to deaden the pain. I had another five or six weeks before I could get out of the jungle and get to a "real" dentist in Hong Kong or Singapore. Since then I had thought about how to deal with tooth problems when there is no dentist.

    I found an online book "Where There Is No Dentist" which may be of some help and is designed for those in the Third World. The book is also available in hard copy from Amazon. It is part of a series including the book "Where There Is No Doctor" from the Hesperian Organization.

    Somehow I keep thinking of the Old West when the dentist would come to town with a manually operated hand drill and a pair of pliers to extract teeth. There is nothing better than preventative maintenance but even so, there will be dental problems regardless.

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    Makes me think of "Cast Away" with Tom Hanks doing his own dentistry...
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    vice-grips are a worthy investment!

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    As are pain meds.

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