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    I have bought cases of Mountain House, Red Feather Butter and Red Feather canned cheese,and othr items from these guys over the years:


    I know a lot of people in the prepper/survivalist community who go to LDS (Mormon) canneries to buy bulk and can their own 30-year storage of grains and freeze-dried goods and some buy items from the online site as well:

    Order Form: Home Storage Center Order Form

    Longer term Storage: Longer-Term Supply

    Food Storage Calculator: Food Storage Calculator

    My baby brother and his wife and kids go to a LDS cannery in Idaho near them and have stocked up a year supply. I'm not sure how long that will last now that S. 510 was passed by the Senate last week. They have talked about closing down access to the canneries for non-Mormons because of liability and legal issues in some states as they are a "non-profit" and may be considered competing in the retail sector and now new regulatory issues are coming into play. Thanks to Big Brother this avenue of "cheap" food storage may be cut off next year.

    Another option, but more expensive is the "Walmart Preparedness Centers" in some western states. Also similar sections at some Sam's and Costco stores. This one is in Idaho Falls, Idaho:

    Perhaps a less desirable option (at least for me) are MREs. Not as bad as K and C rations that some of us remember. Still not as tasty as Freeze-Dried and Dehydrated imo. However, some Army-Navy Surplus Stores carry them and here again near Idaho Falls is the Army Surplus Store with stocks of various MREs:

    The back third of the store was filled with MREs to the rafters.

    There are several sources for Freeze-Dried, Dehydated, Bulk Grains and Powdered Foods, and MREs.

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    "REAL" MRE's are not to be sold to the public. So you will only find "SEARS" type MRE's.

    Anyone who is in the military/retired/has access to the base commissary can buy the "REAL THING w/ heater". Usually found near the produce area.

    I’ve purchased some of the almost MRE’s and they’re not the same as the real thing (missing a lot of stuff).

    Just thought that I would add this so folks who think that they’re buying the real thing know that their not. And if they have, the person who sold them has committed a crime punishable by law.
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    It seems from my minimal research, Honeyville Grain seems to have the best prices, at least with their no 10 cans of vegs, fruits, meats and various TVP products. Anyone see any other company with better prices?
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