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    Fire destroys paper books everyday, when was the last time your computer went out due to EMP? Layers is the answer, store the material in your head, have it in hard copy and electronic storage. There's a whole lot of SHTF more likely to hit before EMP would ever enter the picture.

    Besides, if you're worried enough about EMP to prepare for it, making a Faraday Cage out of a galvanized steel garbage can is fairly quick and easy. Clamp a grounding rod to it with copper wire, put your electronics inside, then clamp the lid down.

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    Want to keep a laptop around for a long time?

    Fully discharge the laptop battery and remove it.
    Put it in a shielded cage, as described by kernelkrink, above.

    For the "Oh well there's no power." crowd...

    Get a car alternator and a bicycle, now you have a 12VDC source... guess what, most laptops run on 12VDC. Buy some solar panels, they're not extremely expensive any more, some even put out .. you guessed it .. 12VDC.

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