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    Default Pasta and flour

    Yes I could search the web but I'd rather bring it up here.
    Any good for shelf life? Bought some property from family of deceased owner.
    In a camper there is 10 tupperware bins each of flour and pasta.(Bunch of ammo cans too-no ammo though) Probably save it but just wanted some ideas.

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    Depending on how it was stored it could last up to 20-25 yrs assuming there are O2 absorbers in ther and it was air tight. If not the flour is most likely rancid. Pasta is already dehydrated so it can last a good amount of time outside a airtight container.

    Personally I would be worried about what they did to it. I would throw it away and start fresh with my own stock....but thats just me.
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    Stored foods can be used for animal feed or bait long after it is too rank for most people to eat.

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