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Thread: Rich Dad and Friends Discuss Prepping

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    Default Rich Dad and Friends Discuss Prepping

    Rich Dad "Robert Kiyosaki" and his entire adviser team discuss how they have prepared for the coming depression:

    - Year's supply of food
    - Guns
    - Gold & silver
    - Cash on hand

    They speak of the coming depression (inflationary or not it's going to happen), shutting down the credit card system, and higher taxes no matter what. Budget-cutting police forces promotes lawnessness.

    What scares me now is these are not some local yocals on youtube speaking their wacky thoughts. Instead, these are calm, straight speaking, successful businessesmen in the know, telling us what they have done. We should take notice. They are prepared.

    + YouTube Video
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    Default Black Blade..

    Interesting. It is not the po folks, like me, starting too get on the band wagon of prepping.
    Rich folks in the know have been prepping for years.
    Survival schools are becoming big big business.
    You are very knowledgeable on the subject.
    Set yourself up with a survival camp. People will come. $$$$
    Next time I go too the Military surplus store.
    If I see Donald Trump in there shopping. I am immediately coming home and building a bunker.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Black Blade View Post
    Budget-cutting police forces promotes lawnessness.
    I strongly doubt that.

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    Rich folks will have something to eat and able to fix it.

    Well off folks will also have the means to keep what they have accumulated.


    Who is to really say?

    Come SHTF?
    M U S I B I K E

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