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Oh ya, the northeast kindom is a place that you can pretty much disapear if you want to, lots of deep woods to get lost in. Brattelboro and Bennington areas, in southern Vt, still gets it's share of drug dealer arrests from people comming out of Mass and NYC, seems to be a "hot bed" for those activities as well as St Johnsburry area in northern Vt. and Rutland area in central Vt. I could care less about weed but all the hard drugs that are turning up around here kinda has me worried, there has been an influx of heroin, oxycodone and all that kind of shit recently. Just like anywhere else it's getting worse all over,not anything like when we were younger.

Yeah, St. J is pretty much a dump anymore. IIRC it had 60+% of the town living on some kind of welfare when i left the area last year, plus all the druggies.

Even little towns like Concord and Lunenburg are having problems with riff-raff moving in. Very sad.