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Thread: What Kind of Survivalist are You?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bellson View Post
    Sage words. Good Mindset. I wish we were closer.
    Thank you. I wish we were closer too. I would like to meet and work with like minded people but it is hard to identify them without exposing yourself.
    Life's a crap shoot. Sometimes you say crap and sometimes you shoot. Make sure that you don't mess those 2 up!

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    Default The media is attacking preppers.

    Interesting. I have lived off and on down here in Florida all my life.
    The same media who reports people are without power, fuel, water.
    They are starving and thirsty, they need help.
    Same old story after a hurricane down here in "hurricane ally."
    I am not an extreme prepper, per say.
    But I always try too keep my vehicles gas tanks full, couple of tanks of gas for the outside grill, cabinets full with can goods.
    Last big storm too hit us we went 10 days without power.
    Funny and sad watching the "non prepped" fist fighting in the stores for the last can of food.
    I ate well and saved on my electric bill.
    Hang in there, the Govt. is on the way too help. Yeah rite, dont hold your breath.
    "Man needs but two things to survive alone in the woods. A blow up female doll and his trusty old AK-47" - Thomas Jefferson 1781

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    I have a small stockpile of food and water,no more than a weeks work.I can live off the land, but it is hard. My sons and I used to go "survival camping". Take a knife,sleeping bag,fishing pole,gun,and ammo into the woods and eat what you can catch/kill/gather. When grub is scarce you get real hungry. We ate Robins once. Not to bad...
    Clan MacPherson

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