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Thread: Live Free or Die in Texas

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    Quote Originally Posted by o.d. ak View Post
    Sorry, those OWS jerks look alot like the jerks from the unions who were crying a while back. My mistake.

    Honestly i really didn't feel like responding with anything intelligent based on your response implying they could just go around shooting anyone who was on their property.

    Your point has been made. I also agree that this guy shouldn't have bitten the cop but NO-ONE knows what actually went down except Gray and the cop. Maybe the Police officer was one of those gung-ho assholes with dreams of appearing on Top Cops or some shit and things escalted out of control.

    You seem to be the one passing judgement from behind a keyboard.
    IF he was innocent then hire a lawyer and face the accuser in court. Don't hide for 11 years using children as a shield.

    Yes, I am passing judgement based on facts in evidence. Where are your facts to support the absolute Bull Shit you posted about me?
    Life's a crap shoot. Sometimes you say crap and sometimes you shoot. Make sure that you don't mess those 2 up!

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    i thought the article was a great read.

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