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    They said gas will probably go back down to $3.00 this summer. Lots of chicken little talk these days...
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    Quote Originally Posted by hcpookie View Post
    They said gas will probably go back down to $3.00 this summer. Lots of chicken little talk these days...
    Trump: Gasoline to Hit $7 a Gallon This Year

    Tuesday, 21 Feb 2012 08:55 AM

    7 Dollar Gasoline Predicted for Summer 2012

    Yep... kooks (like Trump) think the sky might fall.


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    It's $3.79 here in central PA.
    Buy It Cheap!
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    Went from 3.56 to 3.86 in one week here in Vt and this morning it was anouther .03 higher!!!! The Buick just might not get as much of a workout this summer after all, damn!!! Lets see 32 gal tank @ $4.00 per gal, $128 for regular to fill up, and she don't like regular so add 3-4 gals of Blue Streak to zest it up a bit at last years prices of 8.36per gal ,especally with around 15-16 mpg hwy taking it easy and on a good day, OUCH. Cost a case of ammo every time I fill it!!!! Better keep outa the 4bbl this year as much as possible I guess. Awfull hard to do though, to damn much fun. I may have to trade it off for something that I'll be able to afford to drive, like a Camaro or a Vette. Hell no, everyones got those. Damn, these fun hobbies cost so much now days!!! You can bet once they get the price up it won't come back down as fast as it went up!! There trying to get every one into those electric cars I guess. Not for me unless they come with a big block sound effects package!!! VROOOOMMMMM! VRRROOOOOOMMM! I'll keep Lucielle thank you very much!!

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    Default No Matter How Much Food Youíve Got Stored, It Will Eventually Run Out in a Full-Blown

    No Matter How Much Food Youíve Got Stored, It Will Eventually Run Out in a Full-Blown Collapse

    The following article has been generously contributed by Joe Alton, M.D., aka Dr. Bones, of Doom and Bloom Nation where you can find strategies to stay healthy that include traditional medicine, alternative remedies, and medicinal/survival gardening. For the best in emergency and long-term disaster medical preparedness we encourage you to check out The Doom and Bloom Survival Medicine Handbook and follow Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy on their weekly podcast.

    To Survive, How Much Land?

    Have you ever wondered how likely it is that youíll be able to produce all the calories youíll need on that piece of land you have? How much land for livestock? How about those solar panels you were thinking about? How many square feet of panels will provide you with the electricity youíll need? There are ways to figure this out, and the answers may surprise you.

    Letís start by talking power. In a collapse situation, youíll probably be able to rely on the sun and wind and not much else, unless youíve built a watermill. The best answer might be installing some solar panels on your roof. This is a commonly available option that many people are considering nowadays. Letís say part of your roof is facing south (the best place for a solar panel) and you get 7 hours or so of sunlight, on average. To get the amount of power that an average home uses in a year, youíll need 375 square feet of panels. These things arenít cheap, and that much hardware is going to be beyond the average familyís financial reach. This means that youíll have to make decisions regarding how to ration the power you ARE able to produce. Look around the house, and youíll probably see lots of things that are plugged in that you can eliminate if the stuff ever hits the fan. This is part of the planning youíll need to do now, so that youíll be better prepared for times of trouble.

    How about food? If you have a family of four, youíll want to provide at least 2000 or so calories per adult, more if youíre a big guy, maybe a little less for kids. The formula is simple: At least 30 calories per kilogram of body weight. One kilogram equals 2.2 pounds, so an 80 kilogram adult would weigh 176 pounds. 30 x 80 = 2400 calories/day. Less for kids, of course. All in all, youíll need to provide 8000-9000 calories a day to maintain your family of fourís weight.

    So, letís talk about some hard realities. No matter how much food youíve got stored, it will eventually run out in a full-blown collapse. For your future success, better get that garden growing. Anyone whoís done it will tell you that thereís a learning curve, and you sure donít want to plant that first seed in the midst of the Zombie Apocalypse.

    Now, letís separate your garden out into three categories: fruits, berries, and vegetables, then wheat, then corn. If you went totally vegetarian, you would need a little less than half an acre per person to provide all of those calories. That means a family of 4 needs almost 2 acres of farmable land!

    The majority of this land will go to fruits, berries, and veggies. Youíll get the most nutrients in terms of vitamins and minerals from these. To decrease the amount of land youíll need, consider companion planting. Some organic farmers will plant sunflowers, and then plant peas that will grow up the long stalks. The same goes with corn, squash, and pole beans. Squash will grow low to the ground, pole beans will take the intermediate area, and corn up high. Make sure you donít put plants in the same family together, such as dill and carrots. They will share the same pests and diseases, which could possibly spread from one crop to the other.

    If you stock up on wheatberries and use your handy dandy Wondermill, you can cut the land requirement down a bit. A mix of prepared food storage and gardening will keep you healthy and fed for a longer time. Corn isnít a very land-efficient crop, but you might need it for your livestock. An alternative if you need to trim that acreage down a bit more is to stock up on bushels of corn feed; thatís about 55 pounds of feed for about $9-10. This is a good idea, but youíll use a lot of it. It takes 10 bushels of corn to get a hog from weaning to slaughter. Btw, corn prices are going higher; they were less than 5 dollars a couple of years ago.

    Donít forget, youíll need some land for hog wallows, goats, rabbits and chickens. All of these animals can be raised in relatively small amounts of space, and provide important protein. Youíll need a good 200 square feet for 3 hogs, more if they have piglets. You can get away with less for each of the other animals.

    You might have to forget about cows; they arenít land-efficient. If you want milk, think about goats, especially Nubian Goats. This variety can produce 1800 lbs. of milk a year, according to various sources. Thatís a lot of milk! How about eggs? The average family of four will eat 1000 eggs or so a year. To reliably get this quantity, youíll need about 10-15 birds in your henhouse, depends a lot on the breed and the ingenuity of the local foxes and raccoons.

    You could probably squeeze this all in with an acre and a half of land. If you donít have that much property, now you know youíll need that much more food storage to make up the difference. This is information I thought was important for me to know, and now you know it too.

    Joe Alton, M.D.,aka Dr. Bones, is a medical doctor and a certified Master Gardener for his state. Heís a regular contributor to Survivalist Magazine and the author of The Doom and Bloom(tm) Survival Medicine Handbook, due out early next year. His blog at Survival Medicine with Dr Bones & Nurse Amy | Doom and Bloom (TM) is all about medical preparedness, survival gardening, and figuring out strategies to keep you healthy in a collapse.

    No Matter How Much Food You?ve Got Stored, It Will Eventually Run Out in a Full-Blown Collapse

    Black Blade: I have food storage but also raw undeveloped rural land next to National Forests. There is plenty of native fish and game so the plan is to supplement my stored food with fresh meat. Hopefully things will return to normal soon within 10-15 years after a SHTF scenario.
    When you're born you get a ticket to the freak show. When you're born in America , you get a front row seat. - George Carlin

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