JUST pick three and run!
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Thread: JUST pick three and run!

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    Post1911 JUST pick three and run!

    you know i wonder if one can have TOO MANY firearms for survival purposes?

    say some kind of DISASTER hits.

    you have only got say 5 min to get the hell on the trail out of dodge!

    your mode of transport has only enough space for TWO long arms and one pistol and their mags, ammo and extras ( think like horse-back/ATV or your going to have to hump them)

    that is going to add up to about one rifle, one pistol and one shotgun. you can do two rifles or two sscatterguns --your going to have to explain why though.

    now you don't know what is coming zombies, alien invaders , crazed criminals and gangs from the inner city.

    you may have to forage if there is anything left to forage

    you may have to fight small groups of bad guys. you don't have any idea as to how long this is going to go on or if there will be any re-supply possible in the near or far future.

    which three would you pick?

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    Being limited to three, I'm thinking.....

    #1 Shot Gun
    870 12ga.
    Reliable and rugged, can be used to kill anything from very small to very large with the proper loads. Think food or aggressors.

    #2 Assault Type Weapon
    Reliable and rugged, large capacity for fending off multiple zombies.

    #3 Pistol
    Glock 23
    Reliable and rugged, high capacity 40 cal.

    Optional #4 Long Range Rifle
    Scoped Bolt action 30.06 common round, good killer and ability to fight the boogies at a distance.

    I know you said three...but I'd sell the girlfriend to make room for the 30.06.


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    That's a good question. If I would base it on what I have on hand at the moment, it would be:
    1) 5.45 x 39 Tantal
    2) Winchester Military 1200 (12 ga )
    3) Yugoslav 7.62x25 M57

    I would sure hate to leave behind the M44 .

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    Rifle: Saiga 308, large caliber, reliable firearm, good range, and relatively accurate.

    Shotgun: Saiga 12, large ammo capacity, fast reloads with the 20 round MD arms drum 3 surefire 12 round mags and the factory mag (down side would be weight!!)

    a alternate choice would be my Mossberg 500. light, reliable, and faster/easier to top off the mag tube vs. the drum or stick type mags for the S12...

    Handgun: 1911, large caliber with good stopping power (enough to stop a 3/4 ton chevy truck from personal experiance) reliable time proven no frills hand gun.

    these are all choices made from fire arms I have in my arsenal. there are probably way better guns to use. but, this is what I have on hand.
    What I lack in accuracy, I make up for in Volume!!!!

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    Rifle: Marlin model 39 with small scope. Capable of taking most game animals in my AO, almost silent when shooting shorts, good ammo capacity, easily concealed in a pack or under a coat when broken down. Lever action almost as fast as an auto, less jams. Several pre-loaded plastic tubes for speedloaders.

    Shotgun: None, replace weight of your average shotgun and some shells with at least 1500-2500 rds of assorted .22 ammo, over and above the normal ammo loadout.

    Handgun: Ruger stainless MKII bull bbl, 4 spare magazines. Reliable, accurate, shares ammo with rifle. Like the rifle, easily suppressed with improvised materials.

    If the Keltec PMR30 ever gets all the bugs worked out, that might be a good option to replace the MKII. Their companion carbine might also get consideration, if they ever get it released.

    If there is no known resupply, the few hundred (at most) centerfire rounds and shotgun shells will run out quick. A good baseball bat makes a better club than a shotgun. You survive by avoiding confrontations, not getting into firefights. If you do find yourself in a gun battle, well aimed nearly silent gunfire picking off your opponents from concealment is the winning game plan. To the Victor go the spoils, anything useful to include guns and ammo would be taken from your defeated enemies, either cached for future needs or taken with you as determined by that day's circumstances. Remember, food and water and basic necessities have to be carried also. This is Survival, not fighting a war. Totally different strategies.

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    1.) CZ75
    2.) 9mm, AR15
    3.) UZI

    Only need to carry one kind of ammo for all of them. 124Gr, 9mm.
    M U S I B I K E

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    1) PS90 - light, 50 round capacity, ammo weighs about a third of 5.56
    2) 870 - scattergun, need i say more ?
    3) J-Frame .38 - light, easy to conceal, ammo is very common.

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    1) 1911A1 .45acp Springfield Loaded, with at least 6 loaded mags.

    2 & 3) I am really torn here, I like the idea of my AK-47 and my Mossberg 12 gauge pump. BUT, I can see the merit of taking one of my .22lr rifles. The ability to carry far more ammunition, more practical for small game hunting, and with well placed shots an okay self defense weapon.

    I guess if push came to shove I would take the AK with as many mags as I had room for and at least a thousand rounds for the .22
    Life's a crap shoot. Sometimes you say crap and sometimes you shoot. Make sure that you don't mess those 2 up!

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    I have gone over this question in my mind 10,000 times since last week. 10,000,000,000 times since last year.

    The Kernel makes a very good point. Survival vs. Combat. Rabbit, squirrel, and possum make a good meal, and all are to be had with .22lr. The ability to suppress with cotton balls and a small coke bottle augmented by duct tape is also compelling.

    My take on this wisdom, tempered by my absolute trust in Murphy's hatred of me is this:

    AR in .223.
    Add in a good .22lr drop in conversion. At 200 feet, I can get game. and I can carry a shitload of .22lr.

    Hi-Power pistol.
    Mine are Argentine. I purchased the $220 .22lr conversion kit. Weighs 14 oz.

    I gave up on a shotgun, BUT: I am strongly considering a homebuilt upper for something like .410 or 20ga that will approximate a single shot break-open for an AR lower.

    Just my $0.02. For what it is worth, I think the Kernel is right. I just can't get over not having something with more punch. Both rifle and pistol.

    Imagine whirled peas

    Peace, Love, And Superior Firepower


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    Well, I keep my Ruger p85 9mm and Savage .22 repeater in the truck all the time anyway so I guess that just leaves grabbing the Mossberg 590 and hittin' the road.

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