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    Default Wellco Boots

    OK, This may not be the best Forum for this post....But here it is:

    I have not had a good set of Boots for a while. My oldie, moldie boots were just too shot to depend on anymore. Times are tough, and there is no extra money anywhere.

    Just before Christmas, one of my long-time buds who I served with in the Air Force gave us a $500 Amazon Gift card. Merry Christmas!

    Hi name is Ron. He drives a big rig for a living. He is also one of the smartest, and biggest hearted kind of guy ever. He can count his friends on one hand. He sent the gift card so that the kids could have something under the tree. In truth, he really saved my ass. Kudos to JRS on this board too. He threw in as well.

    So, for my "gift", I decided on a pair of Wellco Desert boots, the kind that they supply to our troops. I had been told that these are really good, really high quality, and really comfortable boots. I looked around on Amazon, and found a well reviewed vendor who had Wellco boots like this for sale at $28.00 per pair. I was astounded. Shipping quote was $10. I figured that if they were in fact Wellco that at $38 total to my door, it was worth the risk.

    The vendor waived the shipping cost, either due to an Amazon agreement or because of the Holidays...Not sure which. So, $28 to my door step for a pair of absolutely new, as issued, size 12.5 Wellco Desert boots.

    They came in 3 days after the order. They had a tag on them that described them as "Seconds"....I inspected the boots and could not determine why. So I called the vendor. On hold for all of a minute. Nice guy picks up the phone, and I describe the tag, and the condition of the product, and I asked him, "Why are these boots "Seconds"???"

    His response was that the shipment of boots from Wellco were originally part of a Gov. production run where the Heel portion of the leather was sewed on "inside-out" so that the suede did not match the toe portion of the leather. I looked at my new pair of boots, and sure enough; the suede does not match. He asked me if I wanted to return them....I said no. I thanked him for his time, and hung up the phone.

    I set the boots in my closet then, and stumbled across them again a week ago. So, call it two months... I decided it was time to at least try them on.

    At first, I thought that the fabric upper was so stiff that I would never be able to mold the fabric correctly around my ankles. The issue disappeared quickly. Then I started to think that the way they designed the eyelets was a pain in the ass because it was impossible to get the laces tight at the bottom and work up like I had always done with every pair of boots that I had ever owned.....

    Then I took the time to actually read the little piece of paper that they laced onto every pair of boots. Four simple drawings, maybe 6 sentences that describe how best to put on the boots, and utilize the "Speed Lace" system.
    HOLY CRAP! A MIRACLE! The boots just laced on as if by MAGIC! Perfect every time! Tight around the ankles where you want it to be tight, loose where you want it to be loose. Your heel gets pushed into the heel of the boot, but not so tight that you get blisters, and really comfortable when you walk. Good ankle support as well. These are not steel toe, but they must use something like Kydex, because the toe is armored with something.

    Bottom Line: I like Wellco Boots. These ones that they make for the Gov. are really nice. Add a 1/2 size to your normal size for an exact "Boot Fit", and a full size for "room" if you want cooshy insoles and fat socks.

    I am really happy with these boots, and am buying pairs for my family.
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    Thats a good price on them, who was the vendor at Amazon? The old school jungle boots were good too. Wore those for years for work boots till the supply of the real ones dried up.

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