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Thread: If a major disaster hits, will people in prison be screwed?

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    Keep all the cons locked up. no mater what.
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    Who knows? Who cares? Why bother?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sprat1 View Post
    I beg to ask again, Sean tell us how you really feel and thanks for expressing my thoughts it saves me time

    Damn. If I ever go too the joint.
    "We would like too introduce your new Warden. Sean."
    Uh oh. Were doomed..
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    ive worked in prisons.... it just further reinforces my views of them.


    NOTHING good comes from being in prison.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dutigaf View Post
    sorry had to spend the weekend "prisoner proofing" my place.... :-)

    nope not all prisoners committed acts of violence.

    but i dont give two figs at a flying donut about that or molesters, druggies, thieves, con artists, politicians, ho's, or religious zealots either.

    violent or not. they are using up too many of "my" resources for housing, food, clothing and taking care of their worthless asses already.

    they can all eat dirt and die. and honestly hope they all die very soon cause im plum out of money, care or "give a crap" for them.

    death is still the most effective rehab & deterrent out there.

    does that sound harsh? depends on how you look at it.

    we have 10's of thousands of homeless, orphaned, sick, starving children in this country and we waste trillions of dollars taking better care of the trash/criminals so that they can be "better criminals" when/if they get out.

    nope dont sound harsh enough to me. kill them all & cut the losses.
    AMEN brother!!!!!!!!! IMHO, I'd do the same thing with those folks on welfare that are perfectly capable of working, and are just abusing the system. Tell them that they either get to work, or you get a bullet. Your choice lazy a$$!!! Either way, they rest of us hard working taxpayers won't have to work an extra 10 hours a week to pay for you to sit on your butt watching Oprah.
    Enforcement, NOT Amnesty!!!!!!

    "If they’re going to come here illegally, apply for & receive assistance through a corrupted Government agency encouraging this lawless behavior, work under the table & send billions of dollars each year back to their families in Mexico, while bleeding local economies dry, protest in our streets waving their Mexican flags DEMANDING rights, while I have to press ’1′ for English, then they need to be shipped back to where they came from!" -Chad Miller

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    I work in a prison and they DO have contingency plans in place...

    and without revealing too much, no, they won't be making it out

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