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    Yeah, if my wife could tolerate the cold, I wouldn't mind living like Tom in that georgeous log home up in North West Montana. Damn that was beautiful country. He and his wife sure have a nice spread. Not sure how far off the beaten path they are, as they seem to have plenty of electricity. Place was lit up like the 4th of July during the snowstorm on the premier episode. Could be a generator, but it just didn't seem like it. Looked more like the grid to me.
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    My brother lives off the beaten path to the point their aint no grid. They use a generator, solar and wind. They have lights all night long. They just don't waste their electricity.
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    Well I thought the first episode was a farce, but tried again tonight. It will be the last time. What B.S. The dude in alaska is not a trapper...He's a bum with a shack.
    Did anyone notice him walking back to his broke down snow machine carrying NOTHING, but out of thin air appears the replacement engine that HE carried back?Do the producers think no one will notice?? Walking back to shacck the night before he was dying for water & barely made it back alive.. even though surrounded by camera crew & helicopter flying overhead?? Good grief!! The loser hippie in carloina blames his poor deer shot on a misfire?? Wish I could get away with that excuse! Heh...Heh. Did anyone notice that while tracking deer from his poor shot that half the time he was carrying a rifle & half the time he had a shotgun?? WTF?? The Tom fellow with the great log home & swell friend seems allright, but the other two losers are just bums who hoodwinked the TV people into thinking they were real live off the landers. Really though....not a mountain man in the bunch.Not even close.
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    Commercial flight years back, flying at about God knows how many feet.
    Somewhere over the Canadian mountains.
    Just one of those crystal clear cold nights, where you could see everything on the ground.
    All the passangers sleeping. But I was fascinated with the view..
    Miles of nothing but beautiful mountains and snow..
    Then a cabin... lights on.
    Incredible, it was like I could make out the windows and the light coming through.
    For real, whoever was there was so far from human life, this guy was a mountain man for sure.
    Never forgot that.. Once in a lifetime.
    Almost woke the passangers up to look.
    Wonder if they would have got pissed?
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