Pre-election Shopping to Arm The Family
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Thread: Pre-election Shopping to Arm The Family

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    Default Pre-election Shopping to Arm The Family

    This week I added a few items to my growing collection:

    First I needed to get some Christmas shopping completed before the gun and ammo feeding frenzy really gets underway. I haggled a deal on a few Olympic ARs as starter rifles for some female relatives.

    Next I got myself a 1960 Polish "milled reciever" AK. The price was right so I grabbed one. I should have grabbed a few more but I wanted to test this one out. Of course as luck would have it, they sold out and aren't likely to be available again (at least not at the price I paid).

    I took it out and it functioned flawlessly with cheap Silver Bear ammo. Dead on accurate too.

    Should they come avalable again I will probably get a few more.

    - Black Blade
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    Good man BB. Some folks think strictly about "their weapon", and not extras for more shooters that may wind up being 'stationed" with you, be it family or friends. Nice looking weapons.
    Enforcement, NOT Amnesty!!!!!!

    "If they’re going to come here illegally, apply for & receive assistance through a corrupted Government agency encouraging this lawless behavior, work under the table & send billions of dollars each year back to their families in Mexico, while bleeding local economies dry, protest in our streets waving their Mexican flags DEMANDING rights, while I have to press ’1′ for English, then they need to be shipped back to where they came from!" -Chad Miller

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    I sure do love an AR15 set up my way!

    With enough 9mm, 124Gr ammo, it will most likely be very cool!

    DROP the OLE HAMMER when you MUST BRO!?!?
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