East coast storm aftermath is a dry run for some preppers

One DC area prepper recommends to grown your own food, if possible.

"Am I to believe there is NOBODY in Washington D.C. that is prepping?"

That was the question asked by ThaddeusD, who lives in the DC metro area. He is one of over 9,000 who are members of PreppersGroup.com. The group bills itself as a place to meet, network and discuss prepper topics with other preppers - worldwide.

In the DC area, there are thousands of individuals who are prepared for the worst case scenario.

The current blackout in the DC area is looked at as a way to "prepare" or "go through a dry run," as one DC resident puts it.

Tim Stockton lives in the District of Columbia, and lost power due to the sudden storm that hit the area late last week, but Time says he's not concerned about not having power through PEPCO.

"I don't have PEPCO power right now," he said. "but I have two generators, a stockpile of food, water, batteries, and other things people would need at a time like this. Eventually, PEPCO will turn my power on, but right now, I'm still surviving, cooking, eating, watching TV, and surfing the net; all because I'm prepared."

Tim said most people in the DC area would not be ready, and that's sad. "With as many people around the globe who has disdain for America, the number of secret nukes pointed at this city, and all the other things the government isn't telling you about, you have to be ready, and I think I am."

The question was asked, What can Washingtonians do to be prepared for natural and/or man-made disasters?

Tim quickly pulled out a written list of ten things DC area residents can do to be better prepared:

#1 Buy land or own your own home
#2 Find a suitable place to store water and supplies
#3 Make friends with others who are prepared & network
#4 Reduce your outflow expenses
#5 Grown your own food
#6 Exercise/Workout & learn self-defense tactics
#7 Consider alternative energy
#8 If you're in debt - GET OUT!
#9 Have enough Gold And Silver
#10 Become less dependent on your employment or boss

So ThaddeusD, according to Tim there are people out there, who are preppers and almost live a second life amongst the hundreds of thousands who Tim believes is under-prepared.

"When and if the s**t hits the fan, the wife and I (and the pets) are going to need to bug-out. We live in the Washington D.C. Metro area, so you can say we live near “Ground Zero”. I am looking for people whom we may trust and depend upon. My bug-out location is somewhere in theMidwest, and we need a place to rest, refuel, and we will be on our way. If you are willing to play host, please let me know what your terms of payment will be. Nobody likes freeloaders and parasites," Thaddeus posted on PreppersGroup.com.

Tim says that unless there is a nuclear disaster/attack or some kind biochemical agent unleashed, DC is the safest place to be.

"You might think DC is Ground Zero," Time said, "but it is Ground Zero, but for good reasons, not bad ones."

East coast storm aftermath is a dry run for some preppers - Washington DC prepper | Examiner.com

Black Blade: That's a decent checklist and I would add a few more things for the beginner.