Around here, the "home invaders" are likely to be the big gang with the black clothes, g-rides with light bars, and a local TV crew cheering them on. The crew that tried to break my door down one morning seemed to be under the impression they didn't need a warrant. After a lengthy armed standoff, a car eventually drove up with a shiny-fresh warrant... for a different house.

Steel bars help keep the likes of them out, and cameras with off-site recording are essential for afterward. The new trick is to just ram the door down with a piece of pipe, slam everyone to the floor at gunpoint, *then* mention who they are during the trash talk phase. Oh, and just to be helpful, they wear masks, and any identification is on the *back* of their gang outfits where you can't see it.

Oh, and once they go stomping through your house randomly destroying your stuff... better take a look at your homeowner's insurance policy again. You're probably not covered.

- TRX, "never again"