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Thread: National Guard Whistleblower: “Doomsday Preppers Will Be Treated As Terrorists”

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    Quote Originally Posted by RetVet View Post
    Far fetched or not, attack in my families direction and I'll fire back and won't give a rats ass what insignia is on the uniform.
    And when the M1A Abrahms drives onto your lawn and pops a 120mm round through your front window, or a helicopter gunship rockets your house into rubble you will be dead but may have achieved a moral victory.

    If the National Guard is searching house to house for gun owners and preppers the fact is bugging out and regrouping to fight another day, when there is a chance of victory, may be a better tactical decision.
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    The National Guard is not allowed by law to go into anybody's house.

    The military would be breaking the law if this happens. Read the Constitution!!!

    The plans for battling rioters are for an "Occupy" scenario. Not law abiding citizens.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rikoshay View Post
    Intresting. I'm in the Texas Army National Guard and haven't heard any of this.

    Seems pretty far fetched, I think somebody is telling some tall tales.

    There are many rules on how the NG interacts with the public and private individuals/property. Here in TX 99% of us are "preppers" to some extent, and law abiding citizens who own guns.
    Yeah just look at the quoted source - "". A known "alarmist spam" site.

    But the intended effect has been achieved - gets people talking about insurrection. Pot = Stirred.
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