The Preparedness Review: 17 Must-Read Preparedness Strategies

Whether you’re just realizing the importance of preparing for unforeseen disasters, or you’re a seasoned prepper, you can never have too much information at your fingertips.

Do you know how to safely store food for the long-term, or the self defense tools you may need to protect that food if the rule of law break downs? If the global floating currency exchange mechanism breaks down, what will your ‘money’ be? When there are no doctors, how will you treat injuries and disease?

Emergency preparedness and survival planning have numerous aspects, all of which need to be considered before a crisis hits, because when the ‘S’ hits the fan, it’ll be too late. We need only look at current events to see the truth in this.

In the inaugural edition of the (free) Preparedness Review from Todd Sepulveda, founder of the Prepper Website and Education After the Collapse, leading preparedness authors and strategist share their insights, ideas and tips to help you make the most realistic plan possible.

The Preparedness Review, a semi-annual archiving project, is available in PDF format.

It can be downloaded, saved, printed and shared.

From the editor:

This Inaugural Edition is heavy in preparedness planning. This is important because the first step in preparedness is having a plan. Without a plan, you might find yourself acquiring gear, food and guns without a real focus. Also, within this edition you will find articles on medical and financial preparedness, firearms, security and wild edibles.

Topics include:

The Rock & The Hard Place – Dr. Bones & Nurse Amy
Jerusalem Artichoke – Creek Stewart
What is Money When the System Collapses? – Mac Slavo
Biological Night Vision – Joe Nobody
The Survival Skill No One Talks About – Gaye Levy
3 Ways To Naturally Make Yeast – Tess Pennington
The Well-Prepared Kitchen – Amy Walker
Firearms for WROL – Brandon
The Realistic Approach to Preparedness – Gary Griffin
Fan of the Ammo Can – Top 10 Uses – Andrew Jackson
What are you, Who are you, and What are you Doing? – Michael Bunker
10 Questions You Should Ask Your Doctor – Dr. Bones & Nurse Amy
Making a Survival Plan – Chris Ray
Security in the Suburbs – Tess Pennington
10 Preparedness Reasons to Carry Cash – Andrew Jackson
14 Mistakes to Avoid When Storing Food for the Long Term – Gaye Levy
How Horrific Will It Be For The Non-Prepper? – Mac Slavo (Original content by Be Informed)
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Author: Mac Slavo
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Date: November 5th, 2012
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The Preparedness Review: 17 Must-Read Preparedness Strategies