"Gee, I felt like I was in a concentration camp because I didn't get WiFi and my favorite brand of pretzels."

Uhh... did anyone freeze to death? Have any fingers or toes amputated due to frostbite? Die of thirst or hunger? Get gang raped? No? Sorry to tell you this, but that's about all "disaster relief" needs to take care of.

What the hell did they expect, chartered limousines to take them to three star hotels in Florida? What do you think "disaster" means, anyway?

media coverage has been completely restricted by officials
Oh, really? That's much more interesting than the whinging of poor Amber or Ashley. What officials? What exactly was this "restriction"? On what authority?

I expect this translates to, "FEMA officials failed to to divert resources to ferry media presenters and camera crews about in government vehicles at public expense."