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Thread: Preppers Who Make Surviving The Apocalypse Even Less Fun

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    As both a career firefighter, and a firefighter on 2 small rural volunteer/paid on call fire departments, can I ask you a couple of questions without it turning into yet another pissing match?

    Quote Originally Posted by j427x View Post
    this is sort of like our local RVFD-- we wanted at first a few GI surplus fuel trucks to convert to water tankers to fight brush fires. and maybe a small track for fire breaks --

    well the local billy bobs smelt federal money! now we got a brand new fire station with three new trucks! all kinds of expensive fire gear --like $10,000 jaws of life --- we even got hook and ladder trucks and gear for fighting hi-rise fires!

    This all was paid for by federal money? Under what program? Because I know there are grant and loan programs for fire stations, I also know there are a couple different grant programs for fire trucks. Generally though they only buy one fire truck, not multiples. $10K for Jaws of Life isn't really a lot of money so my guess is they didn't get an extensive amount of Hurst equipment. Ladder trucks aren't only for high rise fires, with the way new homes are built it is to the point where if there is fire in the attaic space it is unsafe for firefighters to go on the roof to ventilate after just a few minutes of active fire involvement. So aerial ladders are becoming more prevalent even in smaller communities. What gear did they get for fighting highrise fires?

    we also got about a dozen fire chiefs --and one fireman-- and the one real fireman quit!

    I understand it can seem like that some times, but seriously, what is the number of firefighters to chief officers on your local FD?

    the bad news is if you really have a fire your in deep-deep do-do here cause with all that gold plated gear--they can't find their own ass if it was on fire!

    Maybe you should join and help them out? The greatest problem with volunteer fire departments today is lack of members. Too many people like to sit back and criticize but simply won't step up to help.

    but hey the new chiefs all got new PU trucks and ATVs!

    Doubtfull those were paid for with federal money. Perhaps you need to talk to your local town board or fire board and discuss the recent expenditures.

    PS there is only about a dozen homes here and no hi-rise buildings at all--
    Again, I am NOT trying to start a fight, just asking questions.
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    Exclamation But, bring your own BEER! :-)

    Quote Originally Posted by j427x View Post
    i nominate 4th --

    he has experience as Obammas block captain and the real important thing is he brought beer!
    I second this nomination!
    M U S I B I K E

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    If you "think" that any group, other than your immediate family (if that) is going to work out post shtf, u r nuts. People can't even agree on which rifle and load to use, and you think that they will agree on discipline, guard duty, who gets what meds, etc? ha. Not a chance in hell. Everyone will try to be the big chief, and will get shot or stabbed in turn.

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