Here is another possibility to kick around, Law enforcement agencies do stings all the time for various crimes, they pay criminals for goods that they have stolen and arrest the perpitrators later same with drug deals. could it be possible that the Goverment wants to see who is who and what they are capeable of ? what type of weapons they have etc. anyone can put up a web page and make it look legit. While its true that alot of militia groups go public, which if this is its doomed before it starts, Uncle Sam Dosnt like competition. there ad although covered by the First Amendment which I might Add I am fully in support of !. I think they may have placed themselfs on several watch lists, by displaying that web page. As we all agree the goverment dont like compitition. Just a couple of months ago there were various petitions from states that wanted to succeed from the union. We havnt heard anything further on this. I mean seriously how would it llok to all the other nations of the world that states no longer want to be part of the United States and they have thier reasons. The US Goverment cant have that going on espically when they are trying to influience the rest of the world to do things are wayand when I stated our way I ment the US Goverment. But I still say something is really wrong with that ad, and as I was always told if something sonds to good to be true it usally is and there is one hefty price tag to go with it...Doc