Using the recent slaughter in Newtown, Connecticut as a reason, the US government is mounting a ferocious vendetta against all lawful gun owners. To them , this tragedy was a Godsend. Despite all of their crocodile tears, they are as happy as can be. This horror fits into their plans.
The Government appears to have some awful plans for us that we are not going to like. A lot is leaking out about the horrors that they are planning for us. Let’s look at the record:

1. The government has constructed around 3,700 Concentration Camps (the Nazis called theirs: “Fema Camps”). These are constructed along Highways and railroads facilitating the mass movement of thousands-perhaps millions-of citizens. These are hardened camps, fully operational and fully staffed. They are ready to go at a moment’s notice. See them on You-Tube or Google REX-84.

2. There are plenty of reports out there that the Government has obtained thousands of Guilitines. What are they going to use these for? Slicing lunch meat? Making baloney sandwiches? I cannot imagine any other use for a guilitine except that for which it is designed. Thousands? Check it out on You-Tube.

3. There are places along various highways that the government has stacked up tens of thousands of coffins. What are they going to do with them? In the entire history of America, there has never been a disaster that required so many coffins. There were around 3,000 fatalities after Pearl Harbor. There were about the same number caused by the Twin Towers’ disaster. After Katrina, I believe there were a few hundred. A ship sunk off the coast of Chicago with 800 fatalities during the early part of the 1900s. And, there have been other deadly disasters. But, there has NEVER been a disaster that required tens of thousands of coffins. What is going on? You can check this on You-Tube.

4. The government has bought hundreds of thousands of rounds of hollow point ammo. This normally would be enough to last for decades. It is illegal to use hollow points in military action, so, it’s not for that. Target practice? Too expensive. No, those hollow points are intended for domestic actions.
In addition to purchasing 450 million rounds of hollow point .40 caliber ammo, the U.S. government has also purchased:

• Over one million rounds of hollow-point .223 rifle ammo
• Over half a million rounds of non-hollow-point .223 rifle ammo
• 220,000 rounds of 12 gauge shotgun #7 ammo (target ammo)
• Over 200,000 rounds of 12 gauge shotgun #00 buckshot ammo (tactical anti-personnel ammo)
• 66,000 rounds of 12 gauge shotgun slugs (tactical anti-personnel, anti-vehicle rounds)
• Over two million rounds of hollow-point .357 Sig JPH (hollow-point) pistol ammo (anti-personnel)
• Over four million rounds of .40 S&W JPH (hollow-point) pistol ammo (anti-personnel)
• Over 60,000 rounds of .308 match grade anti-personnel sniper rounds (BTHP)
• Plus, hundreds of thousands of additional rounds of .38 special, .45 auto, 9mm, 7.62×39 (AK rifle) ammo, and others. Remember that ALL of this ammo is intended for domestic use. It is NOT International war material! Some of it could be used against YOU!

5. The Federal government is currently making police units in every governmental agency. They have created an armed police force in the Department of Education. Why? Are they going to shoot students who don’t repay their college loans? They have created a police for in the Social Security Administration! I see no purpose of this. Are they having trouble with Seniors? Do they need to use force against the elderly at times? I believe that they are creating police units in all Governmental departments to spread out them out so that they will not be so visible.

Today the Federal Government is “federalizing” local ( city, county and state) police forces. By doing this, they are creating a massive “de-facto” Federal police/military force that can have only ONE target--American citizens! Who else?

The Government has completely abandoned the Constitution and the only law that they recognize is FORCE! As the late Communist China Chairman Mao Tse Dung once said: Power comes from the barrel of a gun.” This seems to be standard American operating procedures today.