Idaho Continues Reputation as Survival-Ready State
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Thread: Idaho Continues Reputation as Survival-Ready State

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    Default Idaho Continues Reputation as Survival-Ready State

    Idaho Continues Reputation as Survival-Ready State

    In case of an emergency, simply find someone from Idaho. At least that seems to be the most common sense approach to avoiding the perils of disaster.

    Idaho has become a state imbued with the reputation of being friendly to those who are expecting the worst, and preparing for it. It could be the rugged mountain-man image that comes with the territory. It could also be the reputation it has built from attracting anti-government survivalists.

    James Rawles, who writers for, has ranked Idaho as the best end of the world as we know it getaways of all the fifty states.

    It is Idaho's practical qualities that make it an emergency-prepped paradise for businesses that stock such items. The lack of natural disaster and crime, the abundance of remote areas, and the fact one does not have to concern one's self with riots in the streets all lend to the allure. The low cost of living and doing business doesn't hurt the image either.

    Emergency preparedness is not something new, as the state has its traditions with the Mormon religion as well as standard-bearers such as the Boy Scouts and government agents spur people to remain prepared. Still, there is a growing subculture that appears read for a destined fall from grace that the world may run into soon. The so-called preppers, are growing, and the survivalist market grows with them.

    With each disaster that shows up on the screen, more and more individuals seem to be rushing to the shelves to prepare for the worst. Each time a disaster is noted, there is a subsequent rush for business in Boise, or the freeze-dried foods for a business in Twin Falls spikes. Every time a gun-rights debate emerges due to a disaster, another surge in gun purchases is sure to follow.

    It does not stop there, as each time stock prices fall, companies see spikes in silver and gold purchases.

    Idaho was event recently thrown into the spotlight by a group titled The Citadel. The group created a system for a walled-off community of families for emergency scenarios.

    "We really don't appeal to those who are preparing for the apocalypse. Our products are there in case you lose your job and can't buy groceries," or for backpacking trips or emergencies like a car breaking down in the middle of nowhere, he said. "We don't sell underground bunkers."

    Good or bad, the reputation of Idaho appears to be setting itself rather foundationally. For businesses who supply such goods, the news of such notoriety can only be seen as good.

    Idaho Continues Reputation as Survival-Ready State reports Tracy O'Connell - MENAFN...

    Black Blade: Idaho is good - I have a cabin just west of Yellowstone NP and I wouldn't mind northern Idaho either.
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    I'd love Idaho, but my wife has rheumatoid arthritis and needs a warm climate. If it weren't for that fact I think I would've already been looking online for a job out there.
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