We’ve all heard the story of the Titanic. At the time it was the largest ship on the seas. It was luxurious and had many features which guaranteed a pleasant ocean voyage. There had never been another like her in history. On top of everything else, she was “unsinkable!”
In 1912 she sailed away from Britain towards America with a lot of pomp and circumstance. Many of the world’s richest people wanted to be on her maiden voyage. After all, this was going to be a long remembered event.
For several days she sailed along setting speed records for the time. Everybody was having a grand old time. This ship could cater to every kind of pleasure. The food was exquisite, the entertainment was grand, there were hardly any creature comforts lacking. Ah, yes, this was going to be a cruise to remember!
One night, as the huge ship flew along, it bumped an iceberg! Most people on the ship were not even aware of it. However, the crew in the bridge knew it! They quickly got Captain Smith to the bridge where they discussed what had happened. What few knew at that moment was that water was pouring into the ship! She was doomed! A majority of the people on board had only a few more hours to live!
After the collision a large mass of ice piled up on the deck. Young people quickly found it and were soon playing with the ice; having a good time tossing chunks around, etc. As the collision had occurred shortly before midnight, a lot of people were in bed sleeping. Crew members were preparing for the next day. Some men were in the smoking lounge playing cards. In other words, life continued normally for a while.
However, the crew soon realized that the ship was doomed! It was just a matter of time! So, Captain Smith gave the order to get everybody prepared. Sleeping people were roused from their beds. Orders were given for everybody to put on life vests.
But, a lot of people did not want to leave their comfortable beds. They had no desire to go out into the cold night. Most people were convinced that the ship could not sink. So, playing and sleeping continued for a while.
The crew started firing rockets. One ship-the California- saw them but took no action. The wireless (radio) operators were told to send out distress signals. One ship-the Carpathia- heard them but was 2 hours away. The captain of the Carpathia gave the order to head toward the Titanic at full speed!
The order was given to launch the Titanic’s life boats. Still, people were not convinced that there was a problem. They didn’t want to leave the safety of the ship to enter into the small , uncomfortable and frigid life boats. Thus, some boats were dropped into the water only half full!
But, as had to happen, the Titanic began to list. The front was slowly going down into the water. It gradually began to dawn on everybody that something was terribly wrong. “We’re going to sink!” Panic spread rapidly as people began to realize that the world was coming to an end for most of them! Everybody headed toward the life boats that were left. But there was no room for everybody. Some passengers were restrained by crew members with firearms!
This describes America today. For years, America has been the greatest country on earth. There has never been another country like her in history. For years, Americans have lived the great life. We have enjoyed “creature comforts" like no one else ever. We have had pleasures on every hand. And, this grand country is thought to be “unsinkable!”
But, I believe that the “Good Ship” USA has already hit the iceberg! Many people are beginning to realize that something is wrong. The “ship” is sinking, although not everyone will agree. Like those on the Titanic who continued to play and sleep comfortably after the collision, many Americans are doing the same thing.
The government is trying to assure everybody that we will all come through OK. Like the officers on the Titanic they are trying to do what ever they deem necessary to keep this old ship afloat. But, basically all that they are doing is shuffling the deck chairs around. They call people who disagree with them “alarmists, terrorists" and various other names. The fact is that the captain and crew of this old ship don’t have a clue what to do. They are completely helpless.
But, the public thinks that Big Brother will always be there to provide for all their needs. They believe that nothing can destroy America. People are convinced that this great nation will go on forever.
But, that has never happened during the entire history of the world! The only thing that never changes is that there will always be changes! The best thing we can do is try to prepare for the bad times coming.
And, you had better believe that if this ship does sink, those who do the least to prepare and who criticize you the most now, will be the first at your door!