Will Obama Seize Americans’ Savings?
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Thread: Will Obama Seize Americans’ Savings?

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    Default Will Obama Seize Americans’ Savings?

    Will Obama Seize Americans’ Savings?

    Supposedly in order to stave off an “economic apocalypse”—reminiscent of the banshee Barack Obama’s recent sequestration road show—Cyprus called for a “tax”—that is, confiscation—of between six and ten percent of its citizens’ bank accounts.

    Yesterday, they floated the idea of nationalizing—that is, confiscating—pensions.

    Today, the European Union is pushing to “freeze”—that is confiscate— bank accounts of the “bad” banks—forget about six and ten percent; they’re talking about forty percent!

    Will Obama Seize Americans’ Savings

    They use terms like “tax,” “freeze,” or “nationalize”; but the operative word here is “confiscation.”

    Obama would call it “paying their fair share.”

    Although “theft” would be the word most would use.

    The whole fiasco matters little as far as Cyprus is concerned. We’re talking about the EU wanting to “freeze” $13 billion. America spends that much funding Obama’s endless golf outings.

    But when Americans heard that the European Union could force a sovereign nation to confiscate private citizens’ bank accounts, there was a collective gasp. Our economy is intimately tied with the European Union; and in fact, Americans have largely funded the endless bailouts through our having to pony up funds for the IMF. So when it was heard that the EU could confiscate private citizens’ bank accounts or pensions, we knew they could do it to virtually any country in the EU—and in fact, many now are talking about a “tax” of 15% on Italians’ savings. What country is next? Germany? The UK?

    What about the United States?

    Far fetched?

    Not at all. Obama and his gaggle of leftists were actually floating the idea of nationalizing 401Ks and IRAs in 2010—and only were stopped in their tracks when they lost the House in the 2010 midterms.

    Under the auspices of a “bailout” for Big Labor’s bankrupt pensions—the same Big Labor that has donated half a billion dollars to Obama’s endless campaign—Democrats were planning on confiscating Americans’ retirement accounts and funneling the money to their Big Labor backers. The cover was the creation of what they called a Guaranteed Retirement Account—GRA—another government takeover that dwarves ObamaCare’s takeover of the healthcare industry.

    Is this something a radicalized Obama administration floated, then rejected, in 2010?

    Not at all. Obama’s just doing it, as always, via a Trojan Horse. Called “Automatic IRAs,” Obama’s budget proposals for 2013 include a preliminary government takeover of Americans’ retirement accounts by mandating employers contribute a certain amount to their employees’ retirement.

    Of course, this employer mandate sounds oddly similar to ObamaCare’s mandate to buy health insurance, which is nothing more than a Trojan Horse for single-payer—that is, socialized healthcare.

    And the “Automatic IRA” will be a Trojan Horse for nationalizing retirement accounts.

    But this is only the beginning. Barack Obama and his gaggle of leftists are out for the motherlode: full-blown socialism.

    Behind the scenes, the Obama administration is waiting for the European Union to collapse; waiting for the U.S. stock market to crash; and, like a vulture waiting for his prey to die, waiting for the U.S. economy itself to collapse.

    Enter George Soros, dubbed “The Man Who Broke the Bank of England,” who funneled hundreds of millions of dollars out of the British economy with the collapse of the British pound and is now about to gut the European Union with the impending collapse of the Euro.

    And now he’s out for blood when the U.S. stock market collapses.

    The stock market in recent weeks has been at record levels. Many have predicted a stock market crash—losing up to 90% of its value—although those on the hard Left, especially our friend George Soros, won’t say it openly.

    Soros, along with a gaggle of other banksters, have dumped most of their stock in the banking industry and are stockpiling a massive amount of gold.

    And Obama and Soros have a secret that they’re keeping wraps on: If the stock market crashes, the economy itself will collapse.

    Presto Chango!—or in Obama speak, “Change you can believe in!”

    When the stock market and economy collapse, Obama—with Soros no doubt at the helm—will call for “nationalizing” Americans’ retirement accounts—“coincidentally” estimated to be close to the amount of the current national debt—$18 trillion—in order to, in Obama’s words, “Get our fiscal house in order.”

    And if retirement accounts are “nationalized”—that is, stolen—why not nationalize everything—that is, why not have full blown Marxism?

    Why not, indeed?

    Of course, the American people won’t go willingly. Those who “cling to their guns and religion” will fight Barack Obama tooth and nail.

    Is this why the Obama administration has been on the war path trying to gut the Second Amendment?

    Is this why the Obama administration has stockpiled two billion rounds of ammunition?

    Is this why the Obama administration has been stockpiling light armored tanks, preparing for a literal civil war on the streets of America?

    A civil war in America?

    You betcha!

    When the manufactured “economic crisis” is over, Obama’s “fundamental transformation” of America will be complete, with a Marxist utopia safely in place.

    Is this all a wild conspiracy theory?

    Perhaps. Perhaps not.

    Will Obama Seize Americans’ Savings? | Pakalert Press

    Black Blade: Nothing surprises me anymore. Look at Greece, Spain, Italy, and of course Cyprus. Look at how desperate the Obamunists are for money to spend. Get liquid hard assets that you can hide and convert to cash or use for barter if necessary.
    When you're born you get a ticket to the freak show. When you're born in America , you get a front row seat. - George Carlin

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    another good reason to not have money in the bank...
    Hate takes LESS energy & thought... Dont be so Lazy.

    Building or Bitching? which are you here to do?

    YES, i work for TEC Tactical. 02/07 SOT

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    I dare him!!!

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    the stock market has been running on hot air ever since they let the investment banks become banks.

    pretty easy to do a ponzy scam "print paper, inflate the value , borrow, inflate the value and borrow some more, then print more paper, inflate the value the borrow, inflate value the borrow some more--"" as long as they never sell the real value of the paper never becomes public knowledge. hell just ask stevens inc.

    easy to do if your an investment bank and the government is paid to look the other way.

    the only real shocker is that the economy hasn't crashed and burned "yet". i suspect when our economy will really tank out is when things start to pick up elsewhere.

    right now there is no place for big money to flee to.

    when the big guys pull up stakes--lookout!

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    And yet here is another reason I don't use banks, I'm sure glad my Grandmother taught
    me about the great depression, And what she and my ancestors went thru. I remember her telling me the only thing you can trust about banks and the goverment is that they will always find a way to take your money!...Doc

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    If you have ANYTHING that Obama bin Laden wants, he'll come and get it! That is, if he can find it! A word to the wise.

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