There is not much on TV that I enjoy watching these days. I do enjoy some of the older reruns from a bygone era, but about the only modern programs I care for are history and nature. Mostly no fiction programming for me these days.
I sometimes watch some of the channels such as History, National Geographic or Animal Planet. They often show wildlife and how these animals act in their own habitat. After a while you learn that in nature life tends to be: Be eaten or to eat another!
You will see a program about grass eaters such as deer, elk, antelope, buffalo or moose, etc. These animals spend their day grazing. But they also do something else. They are constantly on alert for predators that desire to make a meal out of them. For these types of animals, survivalism is a 24 times 7 job. One slip up and you become somebody’s dinner! The only defense that these types of animals have against most predators is to outrun them.
I believe that the time is close when we will have to start being alert 24X7 against predators,too. There are many vicious people running around loose in America today who would like to make YOU their next victim! So, now is the time to learn to be alert.
When you leave the house in the morning, do you look around to see if there is anything unusual? Me, neither! But, we should start being more alert to what is going on around us. A deer never makes a move without checking things first.
Sometimes when I am driving to work, I notice a car behind me. It turns everywhere that I turn. I wonder if it is following me. A few times I have turned and driven around the block to determine if someone was tailing me. They weren’t! But good OP-SEC calls for us to always be alert to what is going on around you!
I know a man who has worked for years in a juvenile detention facility. He has had inmates threaten to come back and kill him after they are released! He says he always looks both ways before he leaves his house. He, too, is watchful as he drives. When he arrives at his workplace, he looks around the parking area. If it is clear, he goes to the door. But, before entering he looks it over. If not careful, he could carelessly walk into a full-fledged riot! He is very alert! I wish I could do that! I need to start practicing.
If there is a knock at the door, do you just throw it open or do you try to determine who it is first? In the past we were probably safe to open it and look. But, things are changing. Today it is probably safer to determine who is at the door before opening it, especially at night. I have started leaving porch lights on at night at both front and back doors. I figure that prowlers probably prefer to do their work under cover of darkness.
In his book “Boston’s Gun Bible,” the author recommends that you carry a gun at ALL times while you are home! Is this really necessary? Will it become necessary? Is the threat to our safety growing to the point that we’ll have to be like those wild animals that practice “Op-Sec” 24X7? The world is changing, folks, and we may reach the point that “only the strong will survive!”