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    Default AK survival kit

    I came across mention of an "Altoids survival kit" again the other day. A few years ago they were all the rage, then the fad passed, I guess. Basically, the kits were "what potentially-useful items could I pack into a small candy box."

    I noticed one of the AK pistol grips in my stash has a storage compartment. And for that matter, I have several spare buttstocks, one of which could be drilled for extra space. One of the other "survival kits" uses screw-top aluminum cigar tubes instead of Altoid tins, perfect for a hole bored into wood.

    Either or both of those, some 550 cord wrapped around somewhere, and I'd have a "survival AK..."

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    Default TRX.

    They also sell a cap for the bottom of the AR grips.. I use mine to store spare batteries for my scope..
    Just bought a Hogue grip that came with the removable cap..
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    Not a bad idea at all.
    Reading the title I thought you meant AK spare parts kit. Does it make sense to have any spare parts for an AK with you? I mean I've never heard of anything breaking on an AK...has anyone else?

    I suppose it is never a bad idea to have a spare firing pin and extractor as narrow areas can weaken and crack off on some guns over time. What is funny is I have an old H&R .22 with no extractor hook anymore, but it still ejects ok 99% of the time.
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