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    Default Best post yet on "FEMA Camps!"

    I know! We have discussed them before. But, I think that you should check out this link about America's "FEMA Camps" (Concentration Camps might be a better name for them). It seems to contain all the information that you might want to know about them plus the US Government's reasons for having them. Scary, indeed!

    Extremum Spiritum - FEMA Camps

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    Thanks for posting this its a very nice peice of information, on Locations and who would go where. And Your right it is scary, Many of the Military bases that are mentioned.Ive been stationed at, and are damm near impossible to get off of ( and I said Near not totally! but it could be a challange for some older folks) But I dont know if You happened to notice two very importiant listings in your artical, No#1 At the Bottom it stated for overseas slave labor? I dont think so Not for me! and what I find real interesting is one of the main topics that have been at forefront in the News! and Now it explains why the Marine Base Gitmo has not been Closed! they have it listed as a FEMA Camp. But Remember when Obama stated when he ran for office that Gitmo would be closed. and now there is the answer to the Million Dollar Question When is it going to close? and the basic answer in a nut shell is that it is NOT Going To Close! since obama has now found a new use for it!. And it also proves why he has been stalling to close this Base and Transfer all Prisoners to other instituations. To which the majority of the states dont want them due to the threat they pose even locked away, There are others that would try and break them out by whatever means it takes. and if that were to occur you would have some of the most dangerious people on the face of the earth, running around doing all kinds of damage and worse. I dont know what is going on inside the Presedents head, All I know its becomming a scary place, as more of his hair brained ideas come to light. What is next the Excutive order to cease all Elections Due to what ever paranoid rationalized Ideas he can come up with.
    Yes we Have dangerious People in our country, and they are delt with accordingly when they are apprehended ( well the most of them anyway unless they can buy there way out of trouble! which seems to happen alot) But the Ideas that are comming out of DC and from other State representives are becomming more advanced everyday,, to take away our rights and Liberties. If we are Indeed Lucky and the petition that has been started to Impeach Obama, should some how include the whole administration, Due to the fact if Obama was to be removed from office, then we have a drunk in the White House Who will finish the shredding of the Second Amendment Rights of Our Nations Citizans, But it dose not stop there! You have the Clintons, Schumer, Bloomburg, Lautenburg, pelosi, and fienstine, and the New Rotundo for the White House Christ Christie, theses are all very dangeriuos Politicans, and there is a long list of just as dangerious politicans, and they are in every State, Its time for them nOw to find another Job and Not in Politics or anything related to it. And lets start getting rid of these overpaid pompus morons By tell them On eleection Day that there services are no longer Wanted or needed....Doc

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    interesting post ....

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    Cutting the list from the referenced web site, then using Google Earth. I'd post links, but Google Earth gives the same URL for everything...


    Ft. Chaffee (near Fort Smith, Arkansas) – Has new runway for aircraft, new camp facility with cap of 40,000 prisoners

    Chaffee, maybe. It was where all the Laotians, Cambodians, and Vietnamese were housed when they were airlifted after we pulled out of Vietnam. Most recently, it was used to house largely-ungrateful refugees from New Orleans. Housing people is why the base still exists.

    Pine Bluff Arsenal – This location also is the repository for B-Z nerve agent, which causes sleepiness, dizziness, stupor; admitted use is for civilian control.

    There's no "camp"-looking area anywhere nearby, unless you count the state prison. Which is already overfull. If they did build a camp in Pine Bluff, someone would strip it. Pine Bluff is Arkansas' version of the blighted areas of Detroit.

    Jerome – Chicot/Drew Counties – site of WWII Japanese camps

    That's not even a real town, just a few barns and grain silos surrounded by farmland. They'd need to put up some fences before they could imprison anyone there... you could pick any random place and make just as valid a claim that it was a "camp."

    Rohwer – Descha County – site of WWII Japanese camps

    I see an stick-and-wire fence incompletely surrounding an area a couple hundred yards square. I see a few oil derricks(?) and a place where someone did some donuts. No sign of any activity in years.

    Blythville AFB – Closed airbase now being used as camp. New wooden barracks have been constructed at this location. Classic decorations – guard towers, barbed wire, high fences.

    Uh, it's "Blytheville International Airport", which is a bit pretentious if you ask me. There's some commercial development on the site, and the SCCA runs autocrosses there.

    Berryville – FEMA facility located east of Eureka Springs off Hwy. 62.

    I can't find anything likely near Berryville. Which is a very small town, and home of some prominent gunsmiths.

    Omaha – Northeast of Berryville near Missouri state line, on Hwy 65 south of old wood processing plant. Possible crematory facility.

    I see two industrial-looking areas in this town, the largest building maybe the size of a Wal-Mart. No noticeable chimneys or smokestacks on any building.

    Synopsis: with the possible exception of Fort Chaffee, which is and always has been very public and regularly used for various refugees, the list is complete and absolute crap. They could at least have Googled some mysterious-looking fenced areas or industrial facilities, but they couldn't even be bothered. It took me less than five minutes to examine satellite views of all the claimed "FEMA camp" areas.

    Of course, they'd probably claim FEMA forced Google to show doctored images, or the camps have anti-surveillance camouflage, or whatever. I'm not interested.

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