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    katrina.. New Orleans.. Hurricane hit, major damage.. Flood hit, vaporized everything.. People had home owners insurance and required FEMA flood insurance if they had a mortgage..
    Each insurer wanted the homeowner to prove what destroyed their homes.. The damn home was gone.. Wind, flood their was nothing but a foundation..
    Both refused to pay until the homeowner could prove what caused the damage.. Went to court, fail.. Lot of poor people never got their money.

    Insurance companies say the $11 billion they have paid for damage to houses in Louisiana is unprecedented. But they have refused to pay for damage they contend was caused by flooding - which is generally not covered by homeowners insurance - even though many people here believe much of that damage was caused by hurricane wind, which usually is covered.
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    that last little spat of tornadoes we got had both tornado and flooding damage.

    some really vicious flash floods just to the west with homes swept away.

    you really got to watch that lake-side or riverside property around here.

    now i am up on the side of a hill, people ask why dad built this place here instead of on top of the hill --well tornados like to come down and clip the top of the hill , and down at the bottom of the hill it will flood if we get a bad enough storm--

    so the homestead is on the side of the hill --it has been here a long long time --knock on wood.

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    Update - my cousin's church is the church that shipment was heading towards. Well, yesterday I found out that the red tape issue was resolved, and the merchandise was arriving before the meats and other perishables could spoil! No word on how it got resolved, only that it was! So at least there's a happy ending to that part of the story.

    4th you are SPOT ON about flood insurance... that's something most people don't think about until it is too late. As I said before, everyone should have a talk with their insurance company to find out those painful little details.
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