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Mike Yawn: A lot of people don’t know much about the “prepper” or “survivalist” communities. Tell us a little about them and how you got started.

Lisa Bedford: I like to deal with reality, and I’d rather do that than believe in something that isn’t true and have a rude wake-up call. And the reality of our economy is what propelled me to get interested in prepping and what continues to motivate me. We live in Phoenix, one of the hardest hit cities in the country, but I think this type of economic situation is different than what we’ve seen in American history.

I believe in being proactive. So here I was, a suburban mom, and I started to research food storage and survival. But I noticed that everything I read was written by men. The forums, for example, would have all these topics, and at the bottom would be “The Hen House,” where the women were supposed to go. But there were quite a lot of women interested in this topic. The phrase “survival mom” popped into my head, and that was the moment that everything went in this direction for me.

To answer your question about preppers and survivalists, preppers are generally urban and suburban, and their focus is on preparing, usually for specific, future events. Survivalists may or may not be preppers, surprisingly enough! Their goal is to live an independent life, often off-grid, in rural parts of the country.

MY: In your book (“Survival Mom”) you seem to balance the fear of a disaster with a lighter mood. Is that purposeful?

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Black Blade: Survival Mom was on an early episode of "Doomsday Preppers". She's been around the Prepper Community for a while now. A lot of women preppers around now days. Many here in the mountain west who can food, grow gardens, livestock and home school their kids. I prep but do live in the very rural outlands so I guess she would call me a survivalist. The only grid tie in I have is electricity but when I retire I may go for some solar and wind power onsite. I do have a good open southern exposure and get a lot of wind at the west BOL where I have the downdrafts from the mountains.