Thought some folks here might enjoy one of my new ebook releases.(I'm the publisher, not the author)
This is a young adult story (ages 10 and up) about wilderness survival. As a promotion it can be downloaded FREE both today and tomorrow (06/18 and 06/19/2013) at Amazon for the Kindle.

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Alive and Alone (Young Adult Fiction: Adventure)
by W.R. Benton

From the Author of Simple Survival
On a trip to the Lake Clark area of the Alaskan bush, a sudden arctic weather system forces down the small plane of Dr. Jim Wade, and his son David. Both have survived the crash, but not unscathed. Food, fire and shelter are all a priority. Following the death of his father, now it is up to David to figure out what to do next, and how to survive, on a remote Alaskan mountain - in winter!

This is a story of survival, resilience and of the spirit to live. It is both authentic and accurate, having been written by a former Air Force life support survival instructor.
For ages 10 and up

About the Author
W.R. Benton is a retired United States military senior non-commissioned officer (E-8). He is a graduate of a number of U.S. Air Force Survival Schools, including Arctic, Water (Sea and Ocean), Mountain, and Jungle survival schools. He spent twelve years teaching parachuting techniques and survival skills to Air Force aircrew members as a Life Support Instructor.