Let this recent story about fake body armor being sold in Florida serve as a lesson to you. Three Florida men were arrested for manufacturing fake body armor with Point Blank branding. The fake armor provided no ballistic protection whatsoever and was being peddled at gun shows.

Fake body armor can get you killed. Please, only purchase your body armor from reputable sources like Appalachian Training and Katylist.

Trio sold fake body armor at Florida gun shows, FDLE says

Equipment provided no ballistic protection, agents say


ORLANDO, Fla. -Three Central Floridians were arrested on allegations of creating and selling fake body armor that provided no ballistic protection, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement announced Monday.

Investigators allege that the owner of Alpha Inc., Scott Anderson, 57, of Ocoee, sold counterfeit body armor at gun shows across Florida. Agents believe Scott Williams, 51, of Ocoee, and Arami Rodriguez, 36, of Ocoee, worked for Anderson and assisted in the manufacturing and selling of the fake body armor.

"These suspects sold dangerous products to unsuspecting consumers raking in large profits for themselves," said FDLE Orlando Regional Operations Center Special Agent in Charge Danny Banks.

All three were arrested on one count of organized scheme to defraud and one count of counterfeiting body armor.

The investigation began in August 2013 when Point Blank Enterprises Inc. received a customer complaint. The customer said he purchased Point Blank body armor at a gun show in West Palm Beach and thought the product was counterfeit. Point Blank then determined the armor was fake and contacted FDLE.

Ballistic tests conducted on the bogus product determined it provided no ballistic protection, the FDLE said.

On September 11, the FDLE executed a search warrant at Alpha Inc. in Ocoee and found counterfeit body armor from Point Blank, ABA (American Body Armor), Gall's, First Choice and OM Tactical.

Agents also located additional body armor labeled as Full Dragon Armor, which was determined to be a fictitious company. Evidence recovered during the search found the Full Dragon body armor to also be substandard, agents said.

Anderson and Williams were booked into the Orange County Jail each on a $5,250 bond. Rodriguez will be held on a $10,250 bond but is currently in the custody of the U.S. Marshals Service on unrelated federal charges.